De Ster van Zuid-Limburg

Step by step we are approaching the 40th edition, this year  U19 riders will be competing during  39th edition of the Ster van Zuid-Limburg. Beside that there will the 12th edition of the Haspengouw Tour for U17 riders. This program will be extended with a Belgian Championship Team Time Trial on Sunday 1th of July and a National Test Time Trial on 30th of May.

Each year it is getting harder to set up a race like this, but thanks to our loyal sponsors & partners we can offer you a beautiful program this year too. 25 teams will be competing, including 4 foreign; Roskilde Barkop from Denmark, USA National Team, the National Britain Team and 1 Dutch team; Monkeytown Team.

On Friday, March 30, we will get started at Mopertingen, Bilzen for the 2nd time in history. The first stage will be a prologue over 5.8 km.
On Saturday the 31st of March at 3 PM we will start in Borlo riding a course from Borlo to Bovelingen.
On Easter Sunday, April 1st, Landen will be the host city for the 5th time for the 3rd stage. There are 2 big laps of about 40 km through Haspengouw with 5 local laps of 9.5 km through the city center of Landen.
On Easter Monday, April 2nd , Buvingen (Football team Gravelo) will be the start location of the queen stage, via Wallonia we will return to Borlo where there are some other 5 local laps.

The U17 riders will be competing in two stages during the 12th edition of the Haspengouw Tour. On Saturday at Bovelingen over 9 laps of 7.0 km, and on Monday at Borlo over 6 laps of 10.5 km.

We hope for a sunny Easter weekend and that sportsmanship can prevail.

The Organisation

Ster van Zuid-Limburg

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