De Ster van Zuid-Limburg

Step by step we are approaching the 40th edition, this year  U19 riders will be competing  the Ster van Zuid-Limburg. Beside that there will the 13th edition of the Haspengouw Tour for U17 riders. This program will be extended with a Belgian Championship Team Time Trial on 6th of October and a National Test Time Trial on 23th of  March.

Each year it is getting harder to set up a race like this, but thanks to our loyal sponsors & partners we can offer you a beautiful program this year too. 25 teams will be competing, including some foreign; Roskilde Barkop from Denmark, USA National Team, the National Britain Team , the National Team of Israël, Holdworth-Zeppi team and two Dutch teams; Willebord wil vooruit & Limburg Cycling Selectie.

On Friday, April 19, we will get started in Borlo, Gingelom for a prologue.
On Saturday the 20th of April we will start & finish our race in Mopertingen, Bilzen for the 2th time in history.  A 120km race will take place.
On Easter Sunday, 21st, Bovelingen will be the host city for the 3rd stage. Start & finish will be  in this  beautiful area.
On Easter Monday, April 22nd , Buvingen (Football team Gravelo) will be the start location of the queen stage, via Wallonia we will return to Borlo where there are some other 5 local laps.

The U17 riders will be competing in two stages during the 13th edition of the Haspengouw Tour. On Saturday at Mopertingen over  8laps of 8.0 km, and on Monday at Borlo over 6 laps of 10.5 km.

We hope for a sunny Easter weekend and that sportsmanship can prevail.

The Organisation

Ster van Zuid-Limburg

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